For Loostar,
sustainability is a value that must be embedded step by step in all of the company activity.
It gives us a purpose,
something we feel is necessary to create a positive impact in our society
and gives us the opportunity to take care of the planet.

Our vision is to make fashion in a way that makes things better.
It will require a change,
moving away from the linear take-make-waste model to a circular one that reuses resources involved.
In a circular economy, we aim to keep products, components,
and materials at their highest utility and value at all times to minimize environment & social impact.


Our planet & society needs
To be alive
To have opportunity
To be competive

Mónica Melero —

Marketing & Sustainability manager

More than 25 years of experience in the fashion retail industry working in different top fashion companies.

10 years of experience Involve in Sustainability & Sustainable projects encouraging consumers & brands to join the circular economy as a sustainable alternative to the fashion business.

• Founder of several innovative sustainable ventures.
• Strategic Sustainability advisor into non-profit organizations, green business companies & brands who would like to focuses on sustainability.
• Analyst of trends in sustainability & circular economy.
• Sustainable summit fashion direction & co-ordination of different sustainable fashion events and activities.


GRS Certificate
DMFA Test Report


One of our missions is to contribute to society and influence society.
We support sustainable environmental protection, public welfare activities, and the development of social welfare institutions.
Each deal will empower the world.
0.1% of the annual turnover will donate to the activity foundation.