Always striving to do more to reduce environmental impact and be more sustainable.
We've focus to include in our collections more responsible & sustainable materials.

Up to 2/3 of the sustainability impact of fashion happens at the raw materials stage - before the clothes & accessories have been made.
The material in the main factors to consider when it comes to the environmental impact.

· The above products are just the tip of the iceberg. We own different sustainable styles and provide customized product design. Please contact us if you have any needs.


We love recycled materials like nylon, polyester or PU, which reduce waste from landfills and relocating them in our collections.

Recycled versions of these materials repurpose waste from a variety of sources including plastic bottle plastic bottles, industrial polyester waste or garments.

By selecting recycled materials, we reduce our dependence on oil as a raw material and transform waste into a resource, returning it to the cycle.

Recycling materials look like a regular one but it helps to reduce energy usage in the production process, reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials,

Reduce air pollution and water pollution by reducing the need for “conventional” waste disposal and also reduces greenhouse gases emissions.


Ecofriendly PU ( Water based PU ) can be used especially for belts & looks like regular PU but has not DMF in PU reduce water consumption in production,

has less environmental impact and past test report from Bureau Veritas/ITS/SGS.